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    Sorry for yet another "which lens do I get?" thread :)

    I've snapped a few hundred pics with my D60 now, and its time to look at a macro lens for playing around a bit. I'm trying to keep things inexpensive for now, as I really need to spend some bucks on an AF-S telephoto.

    So I've narrowed things down to six inexpensive choices of AF macro (not AF-S, so I know I'll be manually focusing) lenses:

    1) Sigma 28-80 D macro
    2) Tokina 70-210
    3) Nikon 70-210
    4) Nikon 28-70
    5) Nikon 35-70

    The 210s I probably don't need, nor do I believe they are "true" macro lenses. Most of my macro shooting will be within a foot, but I've included them here just in case there is something "special" about one of them.
    So any experiences with any of the above lenses? I snooped around today looking at reviews, and they all seem to come out ok, except for maybe the Sigma which reviews said got a little soft at 80mm, which is where the macro setting is.

    Thanks in advance...


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    Look for a used Nikkor 60mm f2.8; A truly excellent piece of glass, and can usually be found on the used market for between $3 - 400.

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