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Jan 6, 2009
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Paducah, KY
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These shots were taken during a magazine shoot of my car with my Canon S5IS last Fall before I purchased my 5DII...
Of course I wasn't the magazine photographer on assignment and was just hanging around, trying to stay out of the way, sneaking a few shots in while the pro's did their thing...
It was fun watching them work.. and the 'eye candy' wasn't bad either... :mrgreen:
No post processing done ....Comments are welcomed....:cheers:




set up shots!!!
take this with a grain, im still new.

in the first one im having trouble on what im suppose to be looking at, am i noticing the vette, the lady, or the bright background? they all draw my eye to them, mostly the bright background.

the second one, basically the same problem, her face needs to be lit up more if thats what im suppose to focus on.

the third one is really overexposed.

the fourth one is nice, but her face could use some light.

i think they all are a bit over exposed, and lacking clarity.
Is there any way we can see the magazine/editorial? I am really curious as to how this turned out as a professional layout.
I'm not a fan of these. Understandably you didn't have access to the same resources that the "pros" were using, but this seems like a wasted opportunity. The location is a bit spotty, but whatre you going to do right? You can certainly work around that by choosing your angles - but it doesn't look like any choice was made on your end (I'd like to see what the "pros" came up with). These shots, while they may be technically accurate, scream "cute girl, hot car, SNAP!" Not a whole lot of anything beyond that sadly.
Nice pictures. I'm still too new at this to offer a critique, so I'll ask if the light reflecting of the grass in the third and fourth pictures may be throwing the photo off a bit? If that were cropped out (at the expense of losing some of the car) in the fourth would it allow the eyes to focus on the topic more?

Thanks for sharing your pics.
I think she needs a better makeup artist. her face's flesh tones isn't balanced with the rest of her body.

just my observation...ain't no pro here! :)
I'm kind of curious why a vette is in a park on the grass..

Might as well be on the lawn in front of a single wide.
i only see the first 2,
but in #2...the girls face color doesnt match the rest of her body.

i would also like to see what the mag be curious to see how they worked with the setting and whatnot.

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