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Nov 21, 2007
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Yarmouth, ME
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Hi everyone. I've been posting a little and reading a ton of the great information on the site but I never made my formal/informal introduction. My names Todd. I moved back to my hometown of Yarmouth, ME after spending 6 years in the Navy. I am currently attending college full-time (thanks to Uncle Sam) and will be getting a BA in Media Studies where my concentration is in production & design. I want to develop web sites and work with flash software when its all said and done. Since I've been out of the Navy I've picked photography back up and wondered why it ever slipped through my fingers the first time. Well, I'm happy to be part of this forum and pursuing my hobby further.
Welcome to the TPF Todd. So glad you found us. (and thanks for your service to our country)
You hit the nail on the head...The second week of my separation leave (Navy too) I bought my first DSLR (I had a BA in Photography and Graphic Design before joining) and starting shooting again. It's been great - quality time with my wife; hiking around and taking little road trips together. Feels nice to 'get your creativity back' leas that's how I felt. Maybe it was just having a regular schedule again....
Welcome aboard.

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