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Jul 14, 2005
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Playing with macro. It's amazing to me to see such tiny big :D

My crazy setup for this:
2X convertor
12mm, 20mm, 36mm extension tubes
50mm 1.8



A dandelion?
That up close?
Wow. That is so cool.
You haven't also photographed your entire set-up for this just so we can see?
(I don't know what converters for lenses are and haven't go a clue, maybe I should out myself the General Camera and Photography Questions an admit to my total ignorance :scratch: :roll:, but I like what I see here! :lol: )
wow... i really like these, all three are great..... i may get some extension tubes myself cuz they're great value for money.... but what about your converter?.... is it an expensive one? :)
Thanks guys :D

Corinna, the convertor basically increases your zoom. In this case, it allows me move farther from my subject. The extension tubes don't have glass in them. They just increase the distance from your lens to the sensor, so that you can focus really close. So, by using both, I get to move away and let in light, and make the image really large. These are not cropped at all, just resized. The extension tube set is about $159 US.

Arch, it's one of those super cheapo convertors from ebay. Phoenix I think? It doesn't allow you to autofocus (with any lens) unless your looking at the sun :lol: But I use it with my IS lenses and auto focusing isn't too tough. And it's great for macro work so I can move back and get some light in there.

Here's what I was shooting Ray.

i love the detail in #1, great job woodsac... i am also fascinated by this type of macro work... :thumbup:
Woodsac these are amazing to me! ILOVE what you have done with your macro!!!
Sweet, Woods ... they'd make very interesting conversation pieces!
cheers woody i'll look into those converters, whenever i see a bug or something i really wanna get in close... i can never get in close enough even with my 1:1 macro..... so its great to see these, i would call real macro shots instead of just close up :thumbup:

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