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    Hi everyone, this is my first post, and i dont know if im in right category.
    I've buy it a Canon Rebel Xsi, just for one prupose, shot a complete panorama of my store. I already have searched all over the web, how its the process to shoot this kind of photos, and im kind lost here.
    First, i've build it a tripod with 3 axis, X, Y, Z, like nodal ninja..
    This is for calibrate de parallax right?
    My lenses are a 18-55 original from Canon, and i bought too a fish-eye lens adapter Richarm 58mm Super Fisheye Lens 0.25X.
    This fisheye have some problems, blured on the corners, and chromatic aberration in all objetcs, well, i think this can be corrected in photoshop or lightroom right?

    My question is, with this equipment how is the metod that i could use to get a real full 360 panorama?
    6 photos horizontal on of top and one of bottom?

    I've tried to stich the photos but the software cand find the point controls, even manually.
    Someone has a link tutorial or have some tips for me?
    Im kind lost in how can i do this 360° x 360°!!!
    Apreciatte any help..

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    You're jumping into something that people (like me) spend a ton of money to do correctly. First off, making your own tripod may not be such a good idea.

    As far as alignment goes, you need to find the nodal point of your camera/lens configuration (this is different for each lens/camera setup). here's a video that will help with that:

    This is a good site (and software package) that will get you started as well: Photo stitching software 360 degree Panorama image software - PTGui

    Also lots of information here: Links - PTGui

    Here's the head I use on my 5D with a 12mm lens: Manfrotto : Panoramic Photography

    Once I stich the images together I use this software to create the 360 (although you have a ton of choices): Flash and QTVR Panorama Converter - Pano2VR - Garden Gnome Software

    Lastly, here's some examples (they are tests and will take a bit to load):
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