Mamiya? Is this a good find?

It's a good price on a great camera. I have an M645 and I enjoy using it very much. If you can, look around Ebay for extra film inserts so you can preload a few rolls. With bracketing, a 120 roll goes by quickly.
check too. i have a mamiya 645af with 80mm lens, 120/220 back, polaroid back that i'm looking to sell for

$700 its in the same condition it is as when i bought it from keh, i've shot 10-20 rolls through it

i'm wanting to buy a mamiya 6, or 7II.

let me know if your interested, and if $700 is no longer the going price then i would work with you.

just pm me if your interested.

and i think people here would vouche that i wouldn't screw you.

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