Trying to Sell a Film Camera for $7000 That isn't a Leica or Hasselblad- PRICELESS
That's not what I meant. I just meant that there are a lot of affordable MF cameras floating around the internet. And I'm of the opinion that the RZ is pretty overrated (compared to the RB that is.) For 7 grand, I'd take something like a GX680 over an RZ any day of the week.
Mamiya are just as good as Leica and Hasselblad. Actually, the Mamiya SLRs I've used appear to be better built than my Hasselblad.

That said, the Mamiya RZ 67 Pro bodies are going for $300 to $500 on Ebay right now.
I am a big fan of Mamiya actually... Although I couldnt afford that for I am still trying to go digital... anyone want to buy a 2000 Honda Shadow?
Thanks. I try.

BTW, Matt, which blad do you have?
I got an RZ body off the bay for $86:mrgreen: For 6 large, Id buy the brandnew RZ II Pro kit and still have 4 large to put towards a digital back.:lmao:
Jessie, Are you in a rush? You might have better luck parting it out. Anybody with serious coinage won't be spenidng it on MF. Digital is more likely. The few of us left who shoot MF that are still out here are usually looking for one or two pieces to add to what they already have. Besides, MF camera kits are like cars in a junk yard; they are worth more in pieces then they are whole. Look around the bay and you'll see all of the MF kits with high price tags and you'll notice they aren't selling. All of the pieces by themselves are. Good Luck!

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