manfrott L bracket ?


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Sep 10, 2010
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it seems as if you have to get an RRS head to use the L bracket they make. does manfrotto make any sort of L bracket ? what about any thing that is like a gimbal head ?

i really enjoy manfrotto but after looking around it seems manfrotto only makes stuff for the "masses" not much for the serious landscape guy or wild life guy
you should be able to get a quick release system that will use an Lbracket. you need to search for tripod heads. vanguard makes one that i am using on a carbon fiber manfrotto tripod with an L bracket from Kirk.

these parts are interchangeable, look for an arca style quick release head.
While the arca-swiss standard is expensive compared to Manfrotto, the security that they provide is at least to me well worth the money.

The arca-swiss standard is what RRS, Kirk, Wimberley, Arca-swiss, Acratech and many other top of the line manufactures use. Once you have the basic components you should be pretty much set for life.

RRS has a nice selection of QR clamps that can be used to retrofit many ball heads such as the Manfrottos etc. Some of the others to as well. I personally like the RRS and Wimberley QR clamps and plates due to their particular safety catch design.

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