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Dec 11, 2007
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Hello, I am searching for decent male and female mannequins to be used for product shots of sportswear, including some winter ski jackets, long and short sleeve shirts, hoodies and also ski bibs and pants. Some of the jackets and sweatshirts have hoods on them. I'm currently using a form hanger, but it doesn't have arms or a back, so the clothes don't fit well and show odd shadows when I shoot. I also have some inflatable mannequins with full arms, but they aren't very sturdy and the proportions are not life like. So I'm not very happy with the look of my shots.

Does anybody have any recommendations on where to look for a mannequin that will work for me and/or suggestions of what might be good to buy?

I'm also trying to figure out how clothing catalogs get hoods to work, if anybody has any tips, I'd certainly appreciate it. The shots are for web only.

Many thanks,
They use people in catalogs...
Don't you have a couple cousins, or nieces and nephews? Brothers and sisters?

I dono man...just a's way cheaper.
are blow-up dolls and "inflatable mannequins" the same thing? i agree that shooting on people might be the best thing. OR, maybe try and find a department store that may be closing and see if they're selling them, or maybe go to a store that isnt closing and ask if they have any they're throwing away because they're broken or something
are blow-up dolls and "inflatable mannequins" the same thing?

Same idea, but they are for store displays... see for an idea of what they are...

Yes, getting a real model might be the best way to go, but one client in particular has SOME product shots that are supplied by corporate, and the rest we need to shoot ourselves... so I'm trying to make them match the supplied shots... theirs look like they are on invisible mannequins. Or invisible people :)

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