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Dec 27, 2007
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Hey all, first post for me. My wife and I have an interest for photography but not alot of experience. Here is picture taken by my wife of our dog Dakota.

I like the lighting a lot, and the image is super sharp. But...I wish the nose hadn't been cut off like that. The composition isn't great in my opinion, but the shot is still good. You're definitely on the right track, just be careful of cutting off the frame in odd places. Still though, still, it's a good shot!
love the quality of the picture and the composition too, except for the nose cutting.. it really disturbs me
the noted the nose crop too but it doesn't bother me because of how tight the rest of the pic is...wish more pet pictures were as good as this one!
Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't thought about the nose crop, I will remember that for next time. Here two others that have less detail but more dog. Good clarity.


much prefer the wider cropped version of the original :thumbup::)

These are three different pictures, no cropping. so no nose exists on the first one.
my mistake, they just looked very similar. good job with pic #2 then :wink:

it is unfortunate, seeing the first one now makes me wish that the full nose was there. #1 is still my favorite, I am going to get it resized and have it framed. I love that dog.

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