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Mar 14, 2004
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The latest issue of American Photo has a special portfolio section, along with couple of articles, on prominent editorial photographer Mark Seliger and his latest book, titled 'In My Stairwell'. Apparently, he accidentally discoverd a hidden stairwell with a large skylight, after renovating his new studio in Greenwich Village, NY. It has since become a venue for his latest body of work. :thumbup:

If you don't subscribe 'American Photo', go to the nearest book store to check out the images. The images in the following links don't do any justice.

Link to the article in American Photo*
Link to his portfolio*

*Some images may not be work safe
Seliger is awesome! Who’d have thought that a simple rustic brick background would work so well with so many different subjects? I’m looking forward to paging through the book!

My favorite image among those in the magazine spread was that of Susan Sarandon.
And my favourite is of Bill Irwin's! :)
I liked his photos and the stairwell/elevator shaft is a neat deal but the article that really touched me in the same issue was the one of the Marine killed in Iraq. The one of his wife sleeping next to the coffin was overwhelming. Had to be a hard shoot.

Not trying to take from your original subject.
Yes, that was a great topic as well!! :thumbup:
Ohhh! I was just reading the article tonight! I'm so excited to see someone else loved it as much as I did. Amazing what you can do with a small space like that. I love the Heidi Klum image.
man this guy is awesome. I visited an exhibition of his in houston at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and it was incredible. rarely do portrait photographers print in platinum and palladium nowadays, and I was very impressed. I actually ended up doing an essay on his exhibition for a photo class :)

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