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Apr 30, 2003
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anyone ever use medium or even large format camera's? I want to do George Hurrell type photos and just can't seem to capture it on 35mm. (I haven't tried that much with digital) I'd really like to get a medium format...but would hate to pay that much only to find out it's my technique with the problems.

I'd also like one of those old 8x10 press cameras used in the 30's or 40' let me know if anyone runs across one for sale.
As much as I hate to admit it...I have a large format camera that was given to me, but I have never tried using it yet. I'm not sure if I am intimidated because I don't know a thing about it, or if it is just more complicated that I have cared to deal with lately.

In any case, I need to give it a try one of these days. I'm just worried that if I start using it, I may keep using it...and then things start getting more expensive!

In any case, I'd love to see some input from others on the subject.
You can do a search on ebay for "large format camera" for an idea what you're going to spend.

If you're feeling adventuresome you could always build one, which is something I'm considering. The lens/shutter is the real expense going this route apparently.

Man that looks like fun!! Jim and chase, let me know how it is once you guys get em up and going...

hehe, may be awhile, I just bought a Contax RTS II off ebay so that'll be taking up what time the Coolpix doesn't.

:wink: Jim
ok,, here is another of these old old threads , where is Derrel with his quote?

As an aside, what "fun" is there in digging up old threads?
123 has been digging up three-, four- and even five-year-old threads all morning long....

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ok, but I don't understand why? However, i am really a photography not a computer wiz so it doesn't seem logical.
I shoot quite a bit of medium and large format film. It's pretty cheap to get into these days with all the used stuff flooding the online market.

Medium format is a general term for anything bigger then 35mm. The common film sizes are:

6x4.5cm (just under twice vertical resolution of 35mm)

Large format starts at 4x5" which is almost twice the resolution of 6x7 medium format. Large format film comes in sheets, instead of rolls, which makes it trickier to use and develop. However, you can put a medium format/roll film back on a large format camera.

The benefits of medium and large format is increased resolution, which will give you smoother gradients and more cropping/enlarging options.

Popular and inexpensive camera options in these formats are:

yashica TLR 6x6, around $125 (this is my recommendation for a perfect introduction into medium format):

Mamiya 645 $350 and up (a great camera, however 6x4.5 is the smallest of the medium format sizes, which means you'll get the least increase in performance)


Mamiya rb67 $300 and up (a big heavy camera, however the 6x7 format offers 50% more vertical resolution over 645--that's like doubling the megapixel count in a digital camera)

Graflex Speed/Crown Graphic 4x5 ($200 in good condition)
this thread was started 7 years ago!
Graflex Speed/Crown Graphic 4x5 ($200 in good condition)

I want one!

some fool 123, there is some question about it being a bot

It was all over the place digging up the past.

And that camera is in beautiful condition.

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