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Jun 22, 2013
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A couple more from the same shoot I did with 'Blue eyes'. C & C welcome!

$Natalie Wilson 1600.jpg

$Natalie Wilison 2 1600.jpg
Yes, there is a very slight green cast visible in the skin tones...happens quite often when a person is surrounded by a huge amount of tall,green grasses, or when placed underneath a lot of green leaves. Adding a very small percentage of magenta to the Yellows will help counteract that slight greenish twinge. Big Leaf Maple trees are horrible for causing this; their leaves allow light thru, and cause a terrible,terrible green color cast. When I was a kid shooting park portraits, I used an orange, 85-series filter to counteract the strong green tingle the Big Leaf maples gave at my local park's groves...color print film, white reflector, and an 85 mm lens with an 85-series filter! lol...those were the good ole days!

I pulled these into Lightroom, and adjusted the Yellows and the Oranges a bit with the hue slider, to offset the green tint, and added a very light vignette to darken the edges, and in the first shot, I used Recovery on the highlights, to darken her hand a bit, and then dropped the exposure a bit too, and then added Digital Fill light,and tweaked the contrast and luminosity a bit. I tried to match the second shot to the first, but it's a different exposure, and it looks like the second frame also has had some skin softening applied to it, whereas the first one was SOOC.

$Natalie Wilison 2_Derrel adjusted.jpg

$Natalie Wilson 1600_Derrel adjusted.jpg
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Nice job on the edits, I didn't realize how much green they had in them! And Derrel, thanks for outlining what you did in the edits...that helps a great deal. I did apply some softening to both photos...just not as much on the first one.

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