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May 28, 2013
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Just a little project made on a tuesday evening!

Thank you for the feedback! :thumbup:

P.s: First the tittle of the project should call " Burning news!!" but in the excitement while doing the different shots, we didn't realized that it wasn't a newspaper in his hand , but a promotion brochure :confused: It's not so bad, because it givs me a second chance to make this project again ;)

Burning news would have been a better title I think. Except it looks like he's reading the comics? I dunno...burning things are often very interesting when photographed. The pipes in this kind of throw me off...I can not quite figure out what the heck is going on there with the pipes. I held my hand up to the right hand side of the picture on my screen and "cropped off" the right bit...looks better I think that way.
Agree with Derrel; I like the idea, but not the setting. I think a park bench, or somewhere where someone would likely be seen 'reading the news' would have made for a much stronger image.
Thank you for the feedback. As I already said, i'm gonna make a new one and I think, the idea with the park bench is great! Thx fot the input

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