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Sep 26, 2007
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Alright, today i was had a empty memory card and i took 4 pictures and it said that i had only 80 pictures left on my card when my card holds something like 230 so i was like wow thats werid but i didnt care much because its still alot but later i treid to upload my pictures and it only showed 2 of the 6 or so pictures and i treid everything like unpluging it and pluging it back in and turning it on and off but nothing work can you guys please help me out
When you view the pics while the card is still in the camera, do they all show up?
haha well..i think it's jux your format because some of your pics maybe saved as RAW, JPEG or wad so ever so, your computer only shows some formats which are the pics. tat you are able to view on your computer. so, try under view profile, select 'all formats' ..
hey man i askd my buddy about this and he said that you should reformat your memory card bt you'll loose all your pics well..try my advice 1st..
i treid the all format thing and i couldnt find it, i formated my memory card and my image number left did not change
well i can upload them but they have to be in JPEG but not in RAW. ?

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