Messing around

I like the composition, but I would be curious to see it without the container on frame right. I think the image might suffer a bit because the container doesn't really contribute anything (for me at least).

Overall, the toning seems like it might be a little muddy, so I'd suggest tinkering with the contrast and clarity sliders (if you're using lightroom), and see if it's a little more pleasing.

One thing I really do like very much is the shiny eyes on the figurines.
When I opened this post, I thought you might have been the shooter from dPreviews's new "Adapted Lens Talk" sub-section! Same B&W look, on the same floral species!Adapted Lens Talk: Readers' Showcase and new forum!

I like the frog and the owl. I see where KDT is coming from with the comment about the image contrast being a bit low. It is a bit low, but the balance of the subjects in the foreground and the background seems very nicely done. I liked the lines in the background and how they mirror the lines in the table. Pretty well-composed I think.

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