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Dec 2, 2015
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Grand Rapids, MI
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Just wondering. I have been opening photo's in Capture NX-D and can list the Metadata (exif data). I do not see a way to send that data to a text file or select and copy. I know I can use a second party program but would like to know if there is a way to do it in Capture NX-D. I can do it with View NX-2 but then I have to edit the heck out of it to make it use able. Is this possible or do I have to continue using ExifRead.exe? Thank you for your input.

Does it have to be a text file? There is a snipping tool in windows where you crop around the area you want and snips it to a jpeg file.

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I know about and use the snipping tool a lot. The problem here is the Metadata file is about 4 pages long and it is not possible to get it all at one time. Several copies are needed to get it all. I can go into ViewNX-2 but it is exported in a comma delimited or tab delimited file which is very long and needs lots of editing to clean up. I guess I will keep using the secondary program. Thanks for the feedback.

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