Minnesota anyone?


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Nov 23, 2007
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I don't know if this is in the right spot but if it isn't, my apologies i couldn't figure out where it went.

So i live in Minnesota and i want to take some industrial photos. But i have no idea where anything industrial is. I'm looking for like an old factory, warehouse, or power plant or something. I have no idea how to find it though. Searched google came up with nothin. Does anyone live in Minnesota? If you do, do you know of any good industrial spots?
I know that tony (shorty6049) lives in Minnesota and i think he's shot some industrial shots. You might try asking him if he doesnt answer you already
Thanks for the input guys. I'm going to hold off on making a new thread as well as contacting tony, i found someone on deviant art who takes some wonderful industrial shots. I contacted him and he said he would send me a picture of a map with some spots on it that are good. But i might do that later. Thanks :)
well... lets see... theres the st. anthony falls area in minneapolis.... i might know of some other stuff, but where in MN do you live?
O wow that was quick. I live a tad bit west of minneapolis. Kind of by minnetonka/excelsior/chanhassen.
youre welcome! how bout that snow!
I live in chaska, but i have taken a bunch of industrial car photos downtown.

There is a smaller warehouse district area off of university ave. More times then not, at least on night, they are vacant and you can usually get some cool picutres from them.

Otherwise right downtown minneapolis(hennipin) has some cool stuff too. I think i am thinking of the old spaghetti factory building, around in that area. Forgive me if i have the wrong street names.

There are also some awesome shots that could be taken on the UofM campus, both the east and the west bank portions of the campus.

As previously mentioned, the St. Anthony falls area is really cool too. I don't know, just look around! I feel that is one of the coolest parts of photograpy.
haha, ya, zioneffect just told me about the thread, i have this link for stuff that might be SORT of what you're looking for... my old roommate was into this stuff...

Your roommate isn't Max Action, is he? :lol:

Seriously, though, I'd try some of the West 7th/Shepard's Road area of St. Paul and the Hamm's brewery complex off of Phalen Blvd. I'm not familiar enough with the west burbs to give much advice out there...
Oh my god, I didn't even look at that link shorty6049 posted. If you go to 'Urban Ruins' on that link and then 'Cambridge State Mental Hospital' I live just north of there and never heard of the place. Guess I need to explore my own backyard???
yeah, some of that stuff is pretty interesting and you could get a lotta good photos there, but i'd be careful because some of it is probably pretty dangerous and you might want to go WITH someone rather than alone...
Haha yeah, going alone probably wouldn't be the smartest thing.

I love the snow, it's great. Any of you guys been out to Starring Lake park? The one by the flying cloud airport? Incredible for sledding/snowboarding/tubbing, the works.

I can't go to the mental hospital or any places like that, if there is even a doubt in my moms mind that it could be:
A: Very dangerous
B: trespassing she won't drive me. But I'm going to explore the U of M campus a little, plus there are a lot of old abandoned farm houses that are pretty cool.

I'll definetly try out some of the ST.Paul stuff too. Especially when i finally get a DSLR :)

Btw i think they knocked that mental hospital down..not sure though. Either way it's pretty creepy lol.

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