Minolta x-370s

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by NextStep, Aug 1, 2007.

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    I have the opportunity to get a Minolta x-370s for $40

    Purchased in 2000 it looks to be in very good condition...

    I was going to ask the seller what lens it comes with.

    I want to get into photography and this would be my first SLR.
    Is this something good for me just starting out?


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    I would say it's a great camera to start at SLR's. As a matter of fact, it was the one I started with, and was always very happy with it.

    By the way, when I bought it, years ago (digitals still didn't exist... well, not at least in the consumer's market), I paid for it about 130 euro, so getting it for around 30 euro... what can I say!

    As for the lens, I would definitely recommend a 50mm. You'll have a lot of fun and learn a lot starting from there. Good luck -if you eventually decide to get it

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