Minolta X-700 tips?


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Oct 18, 2010
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Gilbert, Arizona
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Any tips for getting really good concert pictures no matter where I am, be it the nosebleeds or front row with a Minolta X-700 camera? Does anyone have any good advice for great zoom lenses for the model? I'm a big novice when it comes to photography, and I understand this is an older camera, so does anyone have any tips for getting the best pictures with it, when it comes to darkness and very strange lighting, since concerts these days tend to have them? As mentioned, if there's any great zoom lenses out there, any suggestions?

Thanks in advanced. I mainly want to fix up this camera for a Lady Gaga concert coming in March, and want to be prepared since me and my party are up in the nosebleeds.
first i would find out if you can take an slr into the venue.
I've been to the arena on many occasions and they're pretty lenient with camera's, and the performer herself isn't very uptight about photography from the last Gaga show I was at. Of course if I was in the crowd they would say something since a lens could be a distraction around me, but from experience, the nosebleeds haven't been much of a problem when it comes to equipment.

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