Mirrorless or DSLR? D750,6D,Sony A7 II


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Nov 14, 2015
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Hi i will buy new camera maybe canon 6D or nikon D750. I sold all my canon stuff and now i will begin with new equipment.

i can buy 6D for 1153 $ or the nikon 1653 $ and the sony 1698 $. Just a body.

I think first lens i will buy will be (nikon,canon)50mm or (sigma) 35mm but i dont know which one.

Then i will buy tamron 24-70 VC . Next will be 85mm and 70-200.

I am not a pro photographer but i want to be one.

Now i dont get a paid job but i want make it happen. I know that its not easy path.

I want to shoot portrait,nightclubs,cosplay,fire photography,product photography ,photomanipulation and i will travel a lot.

There you can find example of my work.

Lukáš Zlatkovsky (inferi) Photos - 500px

I also thinking about mirrorless. Sony A7 II is looking pretty good and i see future in mirorrless. What do you think?

Also i thinking i can stay with aps-c like nikon d7100 or canon 70D because its better for traveling.

Which camera you think i should buy? And starting lens?
That's just too many questions. You don't know the path you want to take it's going to be hard for anyone
to help, especially since you plan on doing everything and currently have nothing. You'll get "buy this" for
every single body you listed.

I'm a Canon guy but I'd buy the D750 from the stuff listed above.. and the lenses you seem to have figured out.
Based on similar inquiries, the 750 will be the one most recommended.
I used to be a pro, a photojournalist back in the film only days. I was shooting Canon (1Ds) but now I have evolved to mirrorless. I shoot stuff nearly everyday from theatre to sports to street to nature ... but mainly people. People doing stuff in their environment (a lot of low light stuff).

I have a choice of using any platform and camera brand ... and presently I am using Fuji. I have evolved from FF to MFT and now to APS-C. I found APS-C to be a good compromise between the compact size of MFT and the IQ of FF. Fuji's are extremely well made and solid (speaking from a photojournalist's perspective) and their lenses are all wonderfully sharp. All mirrorless do not not compare to a dSLR for sports, but they do well for the non-professional. Take a hard look at Fuji cameras, it not all about MPs. Fuji's images are the closest I've seen to film from any camera.

On the flip side, if you plan to go pro ... you're probably better off with Canon or Nikon as they have the most complete systems.
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Nikon D750 its the best of the bunch by far!
Better DR, AF system, Low light.
As for Fuji, if low light performance is important for you then FF cameras will always have the edge and I am talking about a full stop or more, for me its an extremely important factor and that's why I chose the D750
Apart from a recycled hash of reviews it's probably unlikely you'll get a good user comparison on all 3.

Canon and Nikon have more lenses and accessories. Dslrs will do better autofocus in continuous mode. Sony likely easier for video as live view is it's default setting and a little smaller.

The 6d and d750 are probably different levels of camera (they certainly are different price ranges) so I'd doubt many would disagree that the d750 is better specced.

D750 vs A 7 II, well this could be argued, depends on your priorities but both have a lot to recommend them (as does the cheaper 6d), but buying one of these cameras won't make you a pro
D750 vs A 7 II, well this could be argued, depends on your priorities but both have a lot to recommend them (as does the cheaper 6d), but buying one of these cameras won't make you a pro
Couldnt agree more, to be a pro the main and most important tool in your arsenal isnt your camera, camera or other accessories, it your skills a experience and thats something that money cant buy.

I think the Sony A7 II is still not at the D750 level and the Sony A7 family is suffering from a very small lens selection which for me is the main issue for the A7 family line.
I know its not about camera. Its just a tool. How it works depends on photographer. I think i will go with canon 6D because its cheaper and for my skill its enought also i have friend with canon so he can borrow me some lens :)
A friend with branded gear is a great reason to pick a brand. What I said about the gear and pro was not meant as a shot at you, more so anyone that understands photography could do an excellent job with any camera you mentioned.

The 6d is much better in use than the numbers suggest, it's a very good option
6D is a good camera but be mindful the auto focus system on it is very basic and its main weakness.
I know but good af is good for sport or wildlife. And i often shot portrait or fireshow. So i think i dont need a good af system :) . I had canon 600D and i was using just middle focus point :)
With good lenses, the 6D's AF is as good as most will ever need.
I'd just keep it on the center point at all times.
I have not had mine for very long but, I have yet to run into any focusing issues. I use the center focus point all of the time. Check out Canon's website for refurbs. I bought mine there and cannot tell the difference between it and a new one. Same warranty as new, too.

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