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Oct 10, 2007
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Calgary, Ab. Canada
Just posting some more pictures for CC.

1) My dirtbike drivetrain. Shot with a Canon A700 Point and shoot.


2) New Denver, B.C. Canada. Shot with a Canon A700 Point and shoot.


3) Wild Rose MX Track. Rider Unknown.

wow! picture 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture 2 is great! Not really sure about 1, the colour is nice but the way it is blurry at the bottom bugs me. The last one is nice but is VERY blown out at the top right.

Nice pic2.
I like that the third one is blown out. Perfect exposures everytime would get boring.

The second one is awesome but I agree with harmony on the blur on the first picture.
#2 is really nice with blues. I like the way the rust of the tin roof contrasts with the tree.

I also like the blow out on #3. It casts nice high lights on both the bike and rider as well as intensifies the dust created in these events. For me, it's a nice line for my eyes to follow.
Just a note of correction, the second picture was actually taken in New Denver, and not Nakusp.

Thanks for the compliments and critism. It's good either way, but to agree with others, the blowout was caused by shooting into the sun with fine dust in the air. I understand your viewpoint though. I just found it works well with the dark lower left, and then the exact opposite on the upper right. Just ties things together for me.

I'm luck as I live about 5-10 min away from this race track within city limits. Quick and easy to go to for both riding and pictures!

With any luck I'll keep posting pictures for others to view and help me out on. I have a few in the landscape forum right now, but I have a few others from this weekend I might post if I get a chance.
a polarizer would have helped #3 I think...
but they're all great.

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