Mississippi Gulf Coast


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Jan 18, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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$Ocean Springs (4 of 4).jpg$Ocean Springs (2 of 4).jpgHello all. C&C is appreciated especially on composition...something that I struggle with. Thanks in advance.
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Looks like good comp to me :mrgreen:

I was expecting something different from your tittle ;)
I have some of the gulf but I am not pleased with them. Thanks for the feedback.
Looks good to me.
$Ocean Springs (5 of 2).jpg$Ocean Springs (6 of 2).jpg

Here are a couple of shots in the Gulf but the sky wasn't giving me anything interesting except...blown out sky. I used AEB but even my underexposed shots looked like garbage...I am not pleased with them but maybe someone might be interested.
Ya, I just got from driving the Gulf Coast. The sky's around Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama was either blown out or it was raining. I saw some pretty good sky in Florida mixed with a few rainy days.
Tailgunner, I think it is all the haze in the air.
Tailgunner, I think it is all the haze in the air.

Ya, possibly. It's been hazy all day here in Dallas. I hope it blows off by 8 o'clock or I'm outta luck on shooting.

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