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    Does anyone have any experience with this or know anyone who does? I searched but came up with nothing.

    Here's a link:

    I don't shoot gemstones but rather a lot of concave/rounded silver & gold jewelry for my employer's website. You can imagine my troubles with preventing reflection. Being a noob and having a limited budget, I've been using white cardboard to create my own "box" which has had decent but not outstanding results. Could this be the answer to my prayers? Could I get away with some other lighting trick or setup? If I bought my own speedlight would that be just as good with my own "box" set up as described above?

    Any answers would be great. I'm currently using a Nikon D80 that came with the 18-135 kit lens(I know, I know). Any recommendations on a good Macro? Hold that thought. I'll do a search instead. :lmao:


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