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Apr 29, 2010
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I shot a model for an agency today.

This is just my first photo I edited but I'd love cc.

Beautiful model, but her white shirt being blown out, is blending with the white wall behind her. I'm also drawn to her right arm position (Left arm on picture), not sure why, but it's awkward to me.
More of the left side of the image needs to be cropped off.
so a question on cropping, do I need to keep any kind of ratio? or do I just crop it off? If I keep the photo ration to crop out the left side, I'm also going to be cropping more from her legs, and her hand is there and I want to show some leg. I could just crop it off, and not worry about keeping any kind of ratio but I'm not sure what the norm is for this?
I think the image looks great. Nice job!

The shirt doesn't look blown out to me, I can see detail in the lines. Maybe just above her left arm, around the breast area, it might blend with the wall a bit but nothing I would be concerned about.

I think the crop looks good to me too. I agree with leaving some of the leg in the image. If you crop it in you lose that as you said.

The right hand is kind of funky. With her fingers behind the pleat of the dress it looks almost as if they have been cut-off. I don't know if that is what the other poster was referring to or not but that's what I'm seeing.

As for crop ratio, well that depends on your final intention for the image. Only you can say if you need to maintain any sort of ratio. If you are printing it then you would obviously need to crop it to fit the final print size. On the other hand if you are going to use it on the web or in a magazine or something you crop it however you want to and design the rest of the layout around the crop.

Nice image. Shooting white on white isn't easy and I think you did a great job! Beautiful model too by the way.

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Girllll u never fail to impress me! Perfect WB exposure and shot!
White on white is tough and you've done well. Very strong facial expression.

I agree with Derrel, but if you don't have enough space, I have seen tutorials to expand you canvas size. This means you can stretch the right side of the frame. Otherwise, shoot fat and crop in post.

The crinkle in the blouse at the top button was an oversight.

With the female form, if it bends, it should be bent. This includes elbows, wrists, fingers and knees.

Nice tilt of the shoulders.

You're getting better and better.
thanks guys!
I tried really hard today because if the agency likes these pictures I'll get tons of referrals.
I set my white balance, metered, shot in manual....
It was pretty tough because we were right on the water, and it was around 10/11 am
I suggest cropping off the left side simply because her eyes are too far to the right of the frame.
ok I started looking and I thought she looked a bit orangey




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