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Nov 18, 2005
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Copenhagen Denmark
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It is getting so hard finding an appartment these days, thankfully the local council is sometimes willing to help out if the family is burgening.



thanks for looking

How cute!
Does that sign say that some birds have moved in?
Or does it always say that some sort of batteries must not be put in there?
LOL. Yeah the germans have a lot to answer for here language wise :). I think you must have understood all of it? I probably should have said it is a batterie recycling box. It is actually nice to be able to understand a little german after having learnt danish, the grammer seems to be totally different though, danish has more exceptions than rules and is very like english, isn't german gramatically similar to latin?

"Two small birds have built a nest. Don't throw battaries in the case. Dustmen do not empty."

The birds are called blaa meiser, is that similar to german too?

That is VERY similar to German, indeed. They are "Blaumeise" in German :D.
And I cannot pronounce your language, that is my problem.
When I visited with friends way back when I was still in my teens (in the seventies, mind!) they had me say "Rød grød med fløde" (I think this is played on each and every foreigner, isn't it?), but they would only show me a piece of paper, of course, and not tell me what the correct Danish pronounciation is, and they all rolled over the floor with laughter. Really. But there was a Texan girl staying at my pen-friend's friend's house - and she was worse, I might add, her pronounciation did not get anywhere NEAR Danish, even after she was told how. :wink: :wink: :biggrin:

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