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May 1, 2005
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Cheshire, England
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Monique Rose.
Darling eldest child of Hrant & Lulu Bakirgian.
24th May 1935 in her 13th year.


"Et. Rose, elle a Vecu ce que Vivent les Roses.

L'aspace d un matin."

wohoa.... dude thats one eeire lookin chick!..... man what a find.... good job with the processing chris this is a great addition to the gallery :thumbup:
Great darkside post, PS! Nicely captured detail in the robe and roses, and nice compo with the lightcoloured statue against the darker b/g, with the gravestones barely visible behind her. Really like this one.
What a work of art. Even in 1935 I'll bet that wasn't cheap to have carved and put up. 13, life can be so short.

Nice photo.
I really like this one as well. I even like how her face seems a bit dirty and smudged, and almost like she's up to something. Very eerie. Nice work
definately a good photo, i dont find it eerie at all, more sombre and thoughtful, but hey, thats just me.
Ah, even after so many decades, I still feel with the parents!
There is nothing worse in life than losing one's child.
Makes me sad, this one ... :(
Wow...great shot. Love this one.

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