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Nov 5, 2008
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Does anyone know how to correctly calibrate my monitor with XP as im just reading a pse7 book and it makes reccomendations for calibration
so there is no way to calibrate it without buying something??
so how critical is this calibration? will it make the images 'better' ?
so how critical is this calibration? will it make the images 'better' ?
If you want your prints to look like they do on the can be very important.
so if i dont print its irrelevant?
Well, you images might look different when viewed on other people's computers/monitors...but most regular people don't calibrate there isn't much you can do about that.
I find it makes a big difference if your using and LCD screen since (By default) most run very bright - and that can make every bit of white in a shot (yours or someone elses) look totally blown out.
It is a purchase that I consider important for printing certainly, if your not printing at the moment you can put it further down the list. Also note you will certainly need it if you want to do lab printing (ie getting a photolab - online or in shop) to print your work since they will just print your shots as they get them - they will not process or edit them in any way (leaving that task up to you) and without a cailibrater it will be a lot of trail and error ( and cost )
even just viewing on screen it makes a huge difference... my wife made a poster on her computer, then sent it to me.. i looked at on my macbook (which is calibrated) and looked at it on her mac mini (which isnt calibrated) on her screen the colors looked very yellow.. on mine it was pink... which is also how it printed (pink)

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