More Baby Raccoons


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Putting these in just for fun since they are just plain fun taken through the windows.
They are just too stinkin cute!

Momma has her hands full for sure!

Aren't they Ron! They need to grow up fast so I can stop taking pictures of them lol!
Guilty :er:
Very Cute! Friend of mind back in high school had one for a pet,walked it on a leash.He raised it from a baby but when it got old it got very cranky and would bite if you tried to pet it.
Thanks Dave :)
Yes, they are not good pets, my cousin had one for a while and as he got older it became apparent someone would get hurt eventually, they are powerful creatures that can be very vicious by instinct. Both raccoon and humans keep a respectable distance here and things seem to be working out ok... well I couuuuld do without them climbing the grapevines and looking in my second floor bedroom window lol
I missed this one of Momma!

She looks like she is in defense mode.
Yeah she kinda does, but she was chewing and only interested in the next seed she was groping for lol!

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