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Dec 30, 2010
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San Jose, CA
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Another group shoo last week. Still working on it but here's a few to get you going.

1)I found this interesting while waiting for my associates.

_POR6359 by WSG Photography, on Flickr

2) She's such a beauty, Xuan is her name, Spring in Vietnamese.

_POR6362-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr

3) Xuan

_POR6510-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr

4) My "daughter" (known her since 11) I got her into modeling.

_POR6520-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr

5) Guess who?

_POR6530-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr

6) OMG, this girl caught my eye and I am scheduled to shoot her again soon. Annie.

_POR6557-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr

7) Annie

_POR6561-Edit by WSG Photography, on Flickr

All natural light, no modifiers. All with Sigma 85f1.4. I hope you like!
#1 doesn't get me going.
#2 Model, dress, and prop very good, background not so much.
#3 Background quite acceptable, and everything else as well.
#4 Too distant, pose o.k., not sure about lamp post.
#5 Wifey pose superb! Frame could be tighter.
#6 Might be the best of the group.
#7 Nothing wrong with the model, but she should be doing something.

All very nice shots!
Love them!

Xuan is lovely... nice shots. Bridge background is a nice contrast to her softness!

#4.. not enough subject.. and pose looks awkward.

Your wife is always a treat! Lovely!

Annie - WOW! Love the smile and expression in #6, #7... those eyes, melt me... very very nice captures! Please tell me she is single and wants an old, fat bald guy who will treat her terribly! ;) lol! Beautiful light on her....
Your wife has killer legs! I couldn't get my calves that toned if I worked out 24/7!
i definitely saw the first image and though "this stinker just lured us all in here with false advertisement!" and then i scrolled down.
Awesome shots .. love the images you post man.. really nice work. :)
Lovely shots and models.I love the pose of your wife and what a beautiful smile she has and her dress is lovely to.
Annie is really petite,her legs look really thin.
You're real good, Trever. I always look forward to seeing your work.

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