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Sep 15, 2010
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Ontario Canada
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I have been browseing this forum and i have to say some of the humming bird shots are just Fantastic. Much better than mine but i thought i would share. Still very new at this and alot to learn.

look a the pictures you admire and try to go with that affect.. if you didn't have a confusing background then yours would have been better, i like the berries where he is perched though,that's very cool

This is why i am new at this you mentioned about the back ground. See i never even thought of that but now i understand what u are saying & i agree. This photo would probably look better cropped.
Thank you for your input GAWD KNOWS i need;)

naah.. you're ok, don't get discouraged.. the problem with cropping it is that you will see that it's out of focus... if you are good at photoshop you can eliminate alot of the background...but that's long tedious work... there is another hummingbird guy on forums that puts up backgrounds of some sort where he knows they will be flying.. that's a bit overkill for me, i like to keep nature natural, but his shots are spectacular..

if you know where that guy will be landing each day, if he has a regular schedule, try to break off some branches that will be distracting to your photo--- only dead branches though if possible, i'm not a big fan of hurting live trees.... i would have made a good hippie

Just being able to find them is hard enough, so well done. I guess the next step is observing their behaviour, setting up a hide, multiple flashes etc :). I guess that can be a little hard for some of us so personally i think that getting the shot of a hard to find and very pretty bird is great, and look forward to more :), and then every improvement is an occomplishment worth being proud of if you know what i mean.

I wish I had my better camera over the summer we had 11 Hummers at my feeders this year I took some picks with a Vivatar point and shoot and some video didnt do the birds justice cant wait till next year Ill be ready for them and maybe a better photographer

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