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Apr 3, 2009
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heres a few more pics let me know what you guys think
Ya Boy


Nu Jerzey Devil


Jay Rock
cool set. I like the first and second. The 3rd is alright but the first two like all around. I have seen you post some of these guys before, Keep em comin i like these alot. You seem to have a nac for this style. Danny
I hope you didn't give up the HDR look because of the criticism here. I think these look good, but here are a few things I noticed:
1. First photo looks like you're the backup camera guy. The way his face and eyes are directed makes it look like he's posing for a shot in that direction, so this looks like a shot of a shot if you know what I mean.
2. I know you want a gritty backdrop to fit the theme, but the first one looks like he's at a closed carousel at the mall. The sign in the back, although out of focus, steals the attention too. The second's setting looks more fitting, although it doesn't really add to the photo, it's just kind of there. And the third's setting, with the gesture of the subject makes it look like you're about to get your lunch money took in the alley way.

I liked the processing you did on your other sets although it needed some improvement in areas. Aside from the subject, these don't really seem signature to your style like the others did so I hope you didn't heed to the hater's advice to heavily. Anyways, good shots as usual.

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