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    I'm sure that somewhere I discussed my homemade daylight contact printer so Im going to skip to the update. Even though it worked just fine as an outdoor sunlight generated contact printer, I felt the need to use it indoors as well. Sooooooo

    I picked up an aquarium light holder from goodwill a while back. I switched to a 60 watt bult. It burned the paper up at even ten seconds exposure, so rather than using a smaller bulb I decided to make more apertures. Being the tightwad that I am. I drilled them into coke bottle caps. I sat one over the original opening and tested it. Not enough light so I made a midsized on wa la....

    I can control the exposure of a reasonably good negative with how long I leave the light on. With a thick negative I can go back to the no addl aperture. Then with a thin negative I have the small aperture bottle cap.

    It actually works great and with mine, it can all be done in the daylight. A big advantage for me. its kind of like a daylight daylab for polaroid packs.

    The negative and paper are under a heavy bit of plexiglass and all that goes inside a hollowed out 4x5 negative holder so I can do up to 4x5 contact prints.


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