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May 22, 2011
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Vancouver, Washington
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A fellow student in my digital photo class wanted to try her hand at projection photography after looking through my portfolio. One of the other students volunteered to be the model and because neither had ever attempted this process, nor did either have any of the proper equipment or an adequate location to execute the shoot, I volunteered my studio space, equipment, and provided guidance for the shoot. These are a couple shots I took just because I was there and couldn't let the opportunity go to waste.

What are your thoughts?






Thank you!


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It is unfortunate some of these are so out of focus they would have been amazing had you hit it.
I think all of these are pretty successful. I like the first three quite a bit. The shrouded woman with the "muscle man arms" in #3 is pretty clever! I think that all of these are in good focus, but the projected image tends to fool the eye into thinking the images are not well focused. THe last one is not as satisfying to me as the earlier ones. Oerfall, good job, well done I say!
really like the first one here
First one is surprising and love all the negative space.

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