Morning Mill

John E.

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Jul 19, 2004
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Living in Kootney time
Celgar paper mill, near Castlegar British Columbia. Picture was taken just before the sun hit the horizon

OMG!!! It's John E!! Looooong time no see (I figured you'd fallen off the side of a mountain or something).

Gorgeous shot. It really captures that early morning sense of stillness and waiting for the hustle and bustle to start. Nicely exposed, to get such shoreline detail as well as the lights/reflection.

Hope you post live in such a scenic part of the country.
Thank you Antartican.

I had moved and also took a break from the internet as well as photography. Now I am ready to roll again, but at a slower pace.
I love it! the lights, smoke, reflection, the sky....all beautiful
How much sharpening did you do in post-production? The only thing I have issue with is the black "aura" surrounding the mountains in the reflection. It looks like too much sharpening. Other than that - the shot is very nice.
John, it's an HDR, right? Everything is so crisp. I like the movement of the smoke. (I had to come back and take another look as this one really touches memories from years ago, of all-night drives out to the east coast and passing the factories in New Brunswick near sunrise.)
Thank you all for your replies

Dominic, I do have a tendency towards over sharpening, generally I sharpen the main image and then sharpen again for the the web. In this case the halo shows up in the raw image and becomes more prominent during processing and sharpening.

Ls3D, Industrial is my fave, may have something to do with lights that one finds at these plants.

Antarctica, yes this is an hdr image, actually the first image I have made using photomatrix. The plants must have been near St John N.B. would love to go back now and shoot there.
Wow, that's a really awesome shot. I love how as the mountains increase in height, along that same curve, the portions of the building get larger at a very similar increase rate as the mountains, it looks really neat that way. The lighting is stellar! The reflections are gorgeous! I would hang that shot on my wall, you know, if I'd taken it. :]
The plants must have been near St John N.B. would love to go back now and shoot there.
Actually it was more like the McCain plant in Florenceville, and the pulp mill at Nackawic. Lots of rivers and headponds in the province, so it's sure to be a good source of industrial photography
Awsome picture you got there:thumbup:

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