mosaic photgraph collage??? PLEASE HELP


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Jun 1, 2003
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I'm am interesting in hiring a photographer to design a piece of artwork for my new club/bar. however i am not sure what it is exactly that i am looking for or what it is called.......its like a huge picture say 5 feet by 5 feet that from far away looks like say a flower.......but it is made up of a million individual pictures....what is it actually called...isnt there a name for it? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
your refering to a masaic, and i believe there are programs that do it. but im not sure which ones...

there also might be some people on this board who are more familiar with it.

Are you talking about what they did for the truman show poster? When you stood back from the photo it was Jim Carrey up close you could see millions of stills from the movie.

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