PLEASE HELP! Are the lenses focused on his face/will his face look clear?


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Oct 21, 2022
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Hello. My name is Pavle. I'm a young photographer. I have just started, so I'm a beginner so I'm still learning. Focus (that square thing) was set on this guy's body (stomach) and not face. What I'm trying to ask is if that (square) is on his stomach will only part of that body (stomach) be in focus or his whole body including his face? Will his face look clear and sharp or no? On some other pictures that I took of him, that same square was on his face, but his face wasn't even clear/sharp, it was blurry?! I am so confused. Can somebody please help me? I'm trying to compete in a competition, but I don't even know If any of this pics are good?! Also, sorry, English is not my first language. Thanks a lot.


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G'day Pavle

Firstly - WELCOME to the Photography Forum .... you will find plenty of others here who also enjoy their photography. Do not worry about your language .... (if you need to) type it into Notepad then use Google Translate to get it into English

It seems to me that you have several issues here and each comes back to knowledge of your camera and its settings

My camera settings for Focus are
1)- AF-S mode for most things, and AF-C mode only when the subject is moving
2)- Point camera onto the face, then 1/2-press the shutter button to lock focus on the face
3)- Move camera sideways / up / down to get composition settled, then fully press shutter to complete exposure

Hope this helps
Focus is a vertical plane.
If his face is directly above his stomach, his face will also be in focus.
If his face is not directly above, like he is leaning forward or backwards, then his face will not be in focus.

Only in image p2 is the auto focus on, the other images show MANUAL focus.
So P2 would have the subject in focus by the camera.
But the other shots will rely on YOU to manually focus the lens. So if you did not focus the lens properly, the face will not be in focus.

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