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Mother and Daughter

Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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I really am drawn in to the feel of this image. There's a story here: the intimate body posture, an obviously intense conversation between the two.

You had to act quickly to capture this moment, so for seeing the moment and acting, I salute you! :icon_salut: I could give a pass to the picnic bench being in front of them, as it's OOF, but unfortunately the subjects are also OOF, so for me, a bit of punch is lost here. I do like the crop, as well, that pulls the focus into the subjects. B&W is lovely, the BG is lovely. It's all quite lovely, but for the focus.
A bit out of focus and contrasty, but a nice moment between them that you captured here.
I can only echo whats said above and it's a shame about the focus. However, it's a moment in time well captured.
I certainly agree with the comments. I just had that one quick moment to shoot. As soon as the shutter went off, the mother looked around; by then I'd lowered the camera. As has been said, the content offset the technique in this case anyway.

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