Mother daughter duo for cc.

I love them all except #3. It feels like they're disconnected. Like Mommy's all up in the picture taking and the kiddo's like "Mom.... look at me... geez... *sniffle*" That is of just of course MHO and I could be completely off.

I get the exact opposite from
DSC_0142 in your flickr though. It's awesome and shows lovely emotion. I really like all of these posted. On the last one I might try to clone out the hand or crop it out if you cant. :) Good job!
I really like image 6. Could have cloned out the little drool from her chin though.
Good point on the cloning guys!! gotta go do that! Thanks.
That big, rectangular pink watermark is one of the most obnoxious ones I have ever seen...I can barely stand to look at the photos with that WM on the one of the mother and baby, shot #3...the WM looks simply horrific...same with the shot of the woman, shot #2...absolutely impossible to look at the photos with that thing on them,and not be annoyed visually...

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