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Oct 10, 2007
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Calgary, Ab. Canada
Looking for CC and help.

Shot with a mixture of my Canon A700 Point and Shoot, and my XTi with 18-55mm USM F3.5-5.6 and my 70-200 F2.8L.

1) My buddy Cory on his trail bike showing MX riders how to ride. haha


2) Same thing, same corner, backside.


3) Unknown Rider. Light HDR work.


4) Unknown Rider.


5) Unknown Rider.


6) Another Unknown Rider.


7) My lovely Aprilia. Shot with a Canon A700


8) Trail side repair riding with my buddy. Canon A700


That's all for now =) Snow has caused the storage of bikes for winter.
i really like the 5th shot.. but you cropped much tighter, he will look like he jumped so high..

Ironically enough, he wasn't the best rider. I have tonnes of pictures with high flying riders and big whips, but to be honest, they get boring.

The lighting and his stance made the picture for me. Just shows you don't have to be great to get pictured!

It's nice because this track is open. You could be out riding with national pro's on any given weekend or night. I do get cautious as most riders I don't get permission to take pictures. I'd delete any pictures if people wanted them removed. I've never shot the pro riders as I think that might get me in hot water. They do put on a good show, especially when our race track has (or was) the longest table in the national circuit.
Cool shots, tho the top links are broken??? Do you have them on flickr or anything, i would love to see the rest. Cheers
Everybody has a different view of what "real" motorcycles are =)

There weren't many changes, but that year Aprilia is 1 of ~450 that made it to north america. With that colour scheme it's probably 1 of 75 at best. Consider stolen, tracked, and wrote off bikes and it's a rare breed =)

I do appreciate all forms and styles of bikes though. HD did very well with the new Rocker. I like the bike. My dad is looking into buying one and I will for surely get some seat time on it.

#7 is on an angle, but what fun would it be if it were straight? =) It was actually done by accident as I set the camera on the road. I could see what it looks like with a level horizon.

Yes, the pictures are actually on Picasa, and for some reason the links are broken now for me too. They weren't to begin with. My other post's pictures are still working... hum.. I'll look into that tomorrow.
only 3 pics load...anyone else get that?
#5 is my fav...i love the coloring in the background, good capture
Just checking to see if the pictures work now?

I'm not sure why they aren't working. I replaced the links, but they are the same as before. When I went to edit them, some showed up which weren't shown before, and some remained red x's.

Anybody else host images off Picasa?
thankx shibbyy..motocross is one of my favourite u gave me some pictures and wonderful info bt that..thank u once again..
Thanks for the compliments. I hope you seen all the pictures!

For some reason they aren't showing up again...

It must be a problem with Picasa. It's strange that my other photo threads are working though ...

This is annoying. :thumbdown:




I love the pictures you just posted, especially the second one in the new set.

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