Motorized rotating tables - recommendations?


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May 1, 2008
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Ok so I recently started using my camera for some photos of models I make (and maybe one day learn to paint) and one thing I like doing is making a rotating series of photos and then a gif of the final result.

However manually turning models is tricky to get the same angle of turn for each shot and for some its very hard to turn it each time perfectly on its middle without it seeming to move around. Thus I've been looking for a turntable.

And GODS do these things seem to be overpriced. Nothing large and with just a simple motor for slow rotation (ideally with some degree of variable speed so I can set it slow enough for the flashes to recycle). They seem to run into ÂŁ100s and that isn't with any thing fancy like specific turn degree steps and pauses or anything.

I mean I can get a dirt cheap cake-decorating table without any motors for under ÂŁ10 and that might be what I end up using. I'm jus wondering if anyone knows anything that might be an option that isn't running into ÂŁ100s

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