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Nov 28, 2012
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whitby ontario
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Below are two version of the same photo I took on a trip out to Banff earlier this summer of Mount Rundle. I am thinking of entering it into a Canadian Geographic contest and can't decide if I like the B&W or the colour version better! Any tips and input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


On this one I prefer the color because of the color of the light on the mountains. I just wish there was more detail and a little light on the trees on the far shoreline.
I am with Woodsman on this one - I prefer the coloured one because it appears to be a sunset picture. The B&W does not show the coloured sunlight as well, and IMHO, this is the "nuts and bolts" so to speak of the image. I do not know what your post-processing software is, but I would try and a bit of dodging on the darker areas along the shoreline and the darker hills to see if I couldn't bring out a bit of detail.


P.S. You will notice that my avatar is the same mountain from a different angle across the Vermillion Lakes. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Rockies.

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