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May 9, 2005
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New York
Hey, I just printed like 6 pictures, and my teacher told us to get them mounted. I was just wondering where I could go to do this.
You can use mounting paper and an iron, or use photo corners. The mounting paper is pretty permanent. You would get some 2 or 4 ply mounint board and the paper.
Okay, and just another question...Since my photo class ends next week and I will not have a darkroom available for quite some time, are there any labs that can develop and print Kodak TX or any black and white film? I'm asking this bec ause I know that local pharmacies and one hour photo places only use C-41 processing.
Any professional lab can do your B&W for you. Even the 1-hour places can send it off for you and have it back in 2-3 days. As for mounting, hobby&craft stores will carry foam-core board and spray adhesives and X-acto knives. Very easy to mount your own prints. They will probably also carry a selection of mat to finish the look. Good luck
Okay, so I am STILL trying to find a pro lab that will develop and print for me. I was just curious though, when they do it for you, how do they do it. Do they show you a contact sheet and then you decide which you'd like to print, do they print them all 4x6? What's the deal here?
You should be able to tell them beforehand what you want. I usually just get my negatives with a contact sheet and a CD with digital images. I have a light table also and I used to only get negatives - then look at them with a loupe. If I had something I wanted a larger print of then I'd go back.
After reading all of that info on the site that was recomended, I still don't quite understand how to mount my photographs. I bought 7 sheets (16x20) of mounting boards. My photo(s) are about 8x10. All I need guidance on is how to cut the sheets and what not. If anyone can explain this, that'd be awesome. Thanks. :)

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