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Aug 12, 2010
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Cary, NC
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One of my photo projects this unit was to display motion in a picture. What do you think?

It definitely shows motion! I think it might be better in landscape orientation with the whole bike in the frame though.

The panning looks good though.
It really shows motion. Just glancing it at it my eyes play tricks like it's really moving.
Portrait format not working for me at all, neither having the bike cropped off at both ends, space is needed in front of the machine to give it "somewhere" to go and as we'll never recognize the rider the whole bike should be in the frame, shoot landscape for this type shot, motion is excellent though, just not enough of it. I reckon its out of the car window anyway so not a panning shot and really no technique required in the capture stage. H
Nicely done. I agree with the previous comments that you need some space in front of the bike, but the portrait orientation makes it feel like the motion is going on for ever.

A landscape orientation would create the effect of a time-line, which means it will come to an end. A portrait orientation basically always "captures moment" and makes it last indefinitely. A moment with motion in it means the motion is perpetual.

Does that make sense?

On the other hand a landscape orientation would give you more feel of passing time. So if youdon't want to lose that completely, considder a square crop.

My most severe critique is I think the rider's back shoud be in the photo. That, and there needs to be space in front of the rider.
unfortunate crop.
as said, this would be well suited for landscape. the panning is pretty good though.
Tell your buddy to quit squidding it up and wear his gear. ;)
Otherwise I agree with Flash Harry on this one.
Thanks guys! Yeah - I would've loved to get the whole bike into frame, but I really had to improvise on this shot - it was a 2 lane highway, and I did the best I could to be as far away as I could be, but... I just couldn't get his whole body into the frame, unfortunately. I tried! I really did. LOL

I really want a wide angle lens, for this reason. Ugh.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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