Moving long objects like seamless paper


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Jul 12, 2010
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I want to buy a long sheet of seamless paper (10x20), but it's impossible to fit it into my car.

What do you usually do? Do you have your own production vehicle? Is there a good way to move it without damaging it?
Home studio. Make them come to you.
4x10 pvc tubes at home depot. The end caps are snug enough to just slip on without glueing. I have a roof rack, but you can use foam blocks and strap them to your roof. Works great and is cheap!!
Seamless is usually 107" by 12 yards. That's just under 9 feet wide and though it's all on a roll it's 36 feet. Savage Seamless Background Paper, 107" wide x 12 yards, Fashion Gray, #56

Savage also makes 53" x 12 yrd and 140" x 12 yrd rolls. They also have some 107" x 50 yrd rolls too.

It comes in a long round shipping tube.

I strapped mine to the top of my vehicle when I wanted to to take it somewhere away from the studio.
Open the back window. Put one end of the shipping carton down where a passenger's feet would go...the other end rides sticking out the for me...
Musiln might just be easier to transport 'on location' shoots ;) I bought 'diamond cloth' and it doesn't wrinkle, awesome for backdrop.
I've moved rolls in rather small cars. A Honda Fit and a Nissan Versa. By putting the end of the roll up on the dash, against the windshileld, there was just enough room to close the back door/hatch.

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