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Dec 8, 2008
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Teresina, Brazil otherwise known as the End of the
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while packing my stuff and going through junk...i stumbled upon a camera that belongs to my wife...and wondered if anyone can tell me the value of it.

Its a Vivitar V3000s with a 50mm f1.7 lens. This is a film camera.

if she decides to sell it..i want to know how much i could get for it.
about $20 tops, film cameras over here that used to be a fortune can be picked up at car boot sales for pennies, I keep looking for lenses but have had no luck. H
check at KEH and see what the price point might be.
I say keep it then sell it when we get the next generations of SLR's.....Optical SLR's? lol. IDK maybe
sry to hijack....but ive often wondered this myself...i have a couple film cams i wouldnt be opposed to selling, but the values are so little compared to what i paid (one is a nikon n65).

just out of curiosity though...why does the nikon F5 seem to maintain it;s value so well? because it's pro grade?

jus' wonderin'
out of curiosity i want to know why you are moving to Brazil?? How exciting!
Take it with you to Brazil. There may be more film shooters down there.
out of curiosity i want to know why you are moving to Brazil?? How exciting!

My wife is Brazilian. We planned for a while to move there - but some recent events kind of expedited our plans. It is exciting. I'll actually be working for a photographer down there. Both of us will be.
Wow! That is great! Congratulations and good luck!
I'm from Brazil!
Where are you gone to live?

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