MPIX Photobook Review (for beginner)


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Mar 9, 2007
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For those who has not print a photobook before or never print with MPIX before, I did a quick review of the photobook from MPIX. The book is a wedding present for my friend who got marry in January. This is second order of the book which came in recently. I was the main photographer since there wasn't any other available. Shot it on my D40 and the kit lens with my friend Nikon D3000 as a back up. No pixelation to speak of even on the larger double spread photos. Overall, MPIX did a great job with the complaint from me. For those who say the thread is worthless without pictures, here is the video to it :) The point and shoot used to film is sucky so the color rendition is not totally accurate :(

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I bet your friend really likes this book. The front and back covers do look nice. Thanks for posting that. I watched the whole thing. it would be nice if they had some type of software help for laying out the center double-tuck images, so that the binding would not crop off the center area of the picture that spans the two pages.
Thanks Derrel. Yeah, unfortunately only Adorama have fold flat pages maybe I'll try them next.

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