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    A bit of background... My grandfather was a semi-pro photographer in rural Ireland during the 1930s - 1970s. He created a huge amount of work including family shots, formal poses, rural life studies etc. over the years. Since his death (30 years ago now) the collection has become more and more scattered between his 11 (it was rural Ireland!) children. The "owners" of the prints and negatives are very posessive of their personal collections and refuse to share with others.

    These factors, along with others, have made me decide to gather up as much of the collection as I can access and digitise everything. The digital collection will eventually catalogued and distributed to all.

    The first step is to obviously scan in the source material. There are a range of formats which the photographs are in - large format, 35mm, negatives and prints. I would estimate that 95% is B&W.

    What I would like is some advice on which scanner(s) to purchase, bearing in mind that I'll need to scan both prints and negatives. If best results would be obtained by purchasing dedicated film and print scanners then fair enough, but my hardware budget is about €500 in total.



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