Museum Of Man, Casa Del Prado--So Cal


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Aug 14, 2011
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Southern Virginia
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I was in Cali back in February and basically had a week free to shoot whatever I could hoof it to.

One day I went to Balboa Park, and honestly didn't leave myself enough time. I greatly underestimated how big this space was...I didn't get to go inside a single museum. When I got home I had some 1000 plus images to go thru and to be honest it was just overwhelming. I think I posted maybe two in total to my facebook feed. My biggest problem was I wanted to see it all in a 5 day trip so I was never anywhere very long. I was at Balboa Park for maybe 3 hours from 2ish-5ish, so the lighting was harsh to say the least.

I've had some time lately to go back thru them again and start pulling more and more out, just today I pulled 6 new images from the folder. Here's two--The Museum Of Man and Casa Del Prado.

1. Museum Of Man
Museum of Man by patrick.thrift, on Flickr

2. Casa Del Prado
Casa Del Prado by patrick.thrift, on Flickr

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