My 1 year old photo shoot


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Jan 18, 2009
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Galloway/Columbus Ohio
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I took these on her birthday friday. As you can see, she had mixed emotions about it. :blushing:





The last pics in each set are my favorites. Be careful not to chop off little fingers/hands and toes/feet when composing your shots.
She would not stay still and was turning around and around in her chair. Then she'd lean over and I was afraid the chair would tip over (and almost did a couple of times). I was constantly crawling up to her to position her and trying to hurry and get back far enough to snap the pictures. Lots of toes, legs and such were cut off that day. :( It's getting impossible to take her pic these days. ugh
In about another year, she will grow to hate that camera (MY kids do!!). Anytime they see the camera come out, they turn their backs as quickly as possible and WILL NOT respond no matter how silly I try to be. My three year old (turning 4 soon) is JUST starting to cooperate again and will "model" a bit for me, but the two year old...if I don't catch her off guard, forget it! Have fun! You have a darling little girl.
If I hold the camera so that I am not holding something up to my face my doggies cooperate more. I have a swivel viewfinder though. It comes in handy.

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